“Antidepressant Weight-Gain Risk May Be Greater Over Time” AND more on Best 5 Tuesday Reads

1) Antidepressant Weight-Gain Risk May Be Greater Over Time

A new study confirms increased risk for weight gain with antidepressant therapy — while also noting that the risk is greatest in the second and third year of treatment.

2) New Dimensions in Psychopathy: Are There Cultural Differences in Psychopaths?

A psychopath is a psychopath is a psychopath. Right?

Not necessarily. Psychopaths may be influenced by cultural factors, according to a study of 7450 criminal offenders exhibiting psychopathic characteristics in the Netherlands and United States.

3) Benefit of Behavioral Activation During TMS for Major Depressive Disorder

The combination of behavioral activation therapy with TMS may be beneficial for the treatment of major depressive disorder.

4) Computational Psychiatry Might Be Game Changer, Says NIMH Director

By fostering an ongoing dialogue between data-driven theoreticians and psychiatrists, NIMH hopes to accelerate knowledge that will improve the lives of individuals with mental illness.

5) Telehealth-Delivered Behavioral Therapy, Supportive Care Beneficial for Low Back Pain

Cognitive behavioral therapy and supportive care psychotherapy, both delivered by nurses over the telephone, may offer comparable benefits for the management of chronic back pain.


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