Do You Want To Contribute To PsiHub?

Here at PsiHub, we aim to educate the general population about mental health. You can help us in achieving that goal.

If you have something insightful to share with the readers of this blog, you can now write an article concerning mental health which ends on a shout-out to you and up to 2 links for your blog or social media accounts.

Do I have to be an expert in writing articles?
Not necessarily. You could be anyone from an amateur with no familiarity in writing to an experienced daily blogger. Your expertise does not affect your chances as long as your piece helps readers learn more about Mental Health.
What are we looking for in an article?
Length: A length of 500 to 900 words is typical but it should not exceed 1500 words. Remember, it’s quality of words over quantity.
Topic: It should definitely fit under the main topic of PsiHub which is “promoting and raising awareness about Mental Health”.
Originality: New ideas are the most welcomed here. If the topic is often written about, a unique take or a brand-new viewpoint on it would be appreciated.
Sources: Your evidence or idea’s source should be cited in the article. Try to confirm their trustworthiness before using them.
Do I need to have a mental illness to contribute?
You or someone close to you could have one but you may simply be someone who is interested in the topic.
Do I have to reveal my personal info such as my name at the end of the article?
You have a choice to either use your real name, a pseudonym or remain anonymous to the public.


Contact me with your final drafting along with your full name and a method to contact you to OR fill the contact form below.


11 thoughts on “Do You Want To Contribute To PsiHub?

  1. Vikram, I just came across your blog. I am a survivor of (15 years) long term depression, and Bipolar/mood disorder has gone into remission. The blog what I am doing is about, “Life, Health and Healing” in order to Inspire, Enlighten and give Hope to others through the knowledge and experiences, gained through my journey as a survivor. I am afraid, I do not write on other blogs, but as you are studying Medicine, and very keen on Mental Health, “I believe my first hand knowledge on how I have overcome and leading my life as a normal human being, very useful” 🙂
    I welcome others too, who are keen to know about my journey to, read my articles. I am using my real names and also, “My very own face” so that everyone can know it is a real person writing her real life experiences. Much Love, Light and Healing Energies to All. God Bless 🙂 ❤

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  2. What an awesome opportunity to both learn and grow, as well as to reach out to others and help them. Thank you! I may very well like to contribute. All the best to you and your wonderful blog! (And thank you so much for visiting mine. It is deeply appreciated!)

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