“Creativity and Psychiatric Illness: Finding the Sweet Spot” AND more on Best 5 Wednesday Reads

Hello and welcome to another edition of Best 5 Reads. Apologies for not posting an article yesterday. The draft was finalized but was deleted at the last minute.

From tomorrow onwards, I will start posting “Guest Posts” written by really interesting people. If you want to contribute to PsiHub by writing a guest post, check out this link.

With that said, lets start our Best 5 Reads!

1) Creativity and Psychiatric Illness: Finding the Sweet Spot

Many people with psychiatric disorders engage in creative activities, from informal hobbies to highly accomplished careers, but some avoid treatment entirely. Two cases illustrate a nuanced approach that integrates medical knowledge with patients’ perspectives.

2) When the Bully Is a Doctor

Bullying among health care workers is far more common than we acknowledge.

3) Headlines raise alarm over prescription drug depression risk. But who qualifies as depressed?

Hard to tell if these headlines are using fear-mongering as clickbait, or simply riding the latest wave of stories reporting on the escalating suicide rates in the U.S.:

1. Millions are taking drugs, including birth control, that increase the risk of suicide (Quartz)

2. Study: Adults Use Medications That Can Lead to Depression and Suicide (US News & World Report)

Regardless, they’re misguided, misleading, and not supported by a study published earlier this week in JAMA . Here’s why.

4) When emotional memories intrude, focusing on context could help

When negative memories intrude, focusing on the contextual details of the incident rather than the emotional fallout could help minimize cognitive disruption and redirect the brain’s resources to the task at hand, suggests a new study.

5) Predictors of Long-term Medication Adherence in Children With ADHD

Medication continuity in youth with ADHD is affected by several potentially modifiable factors that could be productive targets of intervention for pediatricians.

Thank you for your time and see you tomorrow for a guest post!

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3 thoughts on ““Creativity and Psychiatric Illness: Finding the Sweet Spot” AND more on Best 5 Wednesday Reads

  1. I have not avoided treatment or medication, the reason why I overcame long term depression and mood disorder/bipolar has gone into remission. I engage in many creative activities and hobbies to keep myself occupied, improve my physical health, and to have a positive mind.
    And yes there can be certain unpleasant situations from those in the health profession, regarding lack of understanding, trust and respect for those who are having mental issues. They need to understand that those who have mental issues are those who have faced extreme stress and trauma and, they are very sensitive and need to be tackled with this in mind. I myself have this experiences being not trusted and respected and my mood being dimmed after going to see some from the medical field.
    I refrain from classifying, who is depressed, as I am a survivor of depression, but not a qualified doctor 🙂
    Thank you for your article!

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