“Five Free Apps For Mental Health And Well-Being” AND More on Best 5 Wednesday Reads

Hello and welcome to another edition of Best 5 Reads. I hope you will enjoy the articles.

1) Five Free Apps For Mental Health And Well-Being

Here are the top 5 free apps recommendations that can also help with stress and anxiety.

2) When possessions are poor substitutes for people: hoarding disorder and loneliness

A decomposed, mummified body of a man was recently found by forensic cleaners in a Sydney apartment. The apartment’s owner is thought to have suffered from hoarding disorder, and police believe the decomposed body had been there for more than ten years.

We occasionally read stories involving people with hoarding disorder – people whose possessions pose a serious burden. Clutter might prevent them from sitting on their sofa, taking a shower, cooking a meal, or sleeping in their bed.

Despite the lack of space, they find it impossible to part with items they don’t need. Why is it so hard for them to let go of their possessions?

3) Factors That Influence Whether Adolescents Seek Help for Depression

Clinical intervention focusing on parental involvement may be effective in combating depression in children.

4) Daily Intellectual Activity May Prevent, Delay Dementia

Simple daily intellectual activities such as reading and playing board games may preserve cognition in older adults, new research shows.

5) For Childhood Anxiety, Consider First-Line Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Dr Peter Yellowlees discusses the results of a systematic review comparing CBT versus pharmacotherapy.

Thank you and see you tomorrow for more Best 5 Reads.

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