“How Evil Happens” AND More on Best 5 Tuesday Reads

Hello and welcome to another edition of Best 5 Reads! Lets begin!

1) How Evil Happens

Why some people choose to do evil remains a puzzle, but are we starting to understand how this behaviour is triggered?

2) A Historical Perspective on Suicide

Walter Benjamin’s suicide is especially interesting as a bridge from the Freudian psychosocial era of hysteria-neuroses to the current era of the borderline-narcissist.

3) Recognizing Eating Disorders in Time to Help

Experts say an eating disorder should not be considered normal adolescent behavior, and they urge adults to try to stop the problem before it becomes entrenched.

4) Continuity of care: the road goes ever on

As digital health care enters the mainstream, contrasting views are emerging about the role of the physician in future services. On the one hand, earlier this year, Sean Duffy and Thomas Lee discussed how virtual visits, in which the patient–clinician interaction time is similar to that of an in-person visit, but conducted via email or video with the concomitant advantages in terms of cost and convenience, are becoming commonplace within US health care.

On the other hand, Denis Gray and colleagues recently showed, in a systematic review, that increased continuity of care by doctors is associated with lower mortality rates.

5) Lifetime Engagement in Self-Harm Associated With Emotional Abuse, Neglect in Childhood

Although emotional abuse and neglect may not be as easily detected as other forms of maltreatment, professionals must be aware of their long-term effect on nonsuicidal self-injury likelihood.

Thank you for your time and see you tomorrow for more interesting articles.

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One thought on ““How Evil Happens” AND More on Best 5 Tuesday Reads

  1. How evil happens was very interesting for me. I’m writing a dark satirical play just now on how we “normalise fascism” I’m quite pleased to see some of the things I’ve tapped into are in this article. (John)


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