“The Cognition Crisis” AND More on Best 5 Wednesday Reads

Hello and welcome to another edition of Best 5 Reads. Lets begin!

1) The Cognition Crisis

Our lives on this planet have improved in so many amazing ways over the last century. On average, we are now healthier, more affluent and literate, less violent and longer living. Despite these unprecedented positive changes, clear signs exist that we are in the midst of an emerging crisis — one that has not yet been recognized in its full breadth, even though it lurks just beneath the surface of our casual conversations and swims in the undercurrents of our news feeds. This is not the well-known crisis that we’ve induced upon the earth’s climate, but one that is just as threatening to our future. This is a crisis of our minds. A cognition crisis.

A cognition crisis is not defined by a lack of information, knowledge or skills. We have done a fine job in accumulating those and passing them along across millennia. Rather, this a crisis at the core of what makes us human: the dynamic interplay between our brain and our environment — the ever-present cycle between how we perceive our surroundings, integrate this information, and act upon it.

2) Cognitive Therapy Plus Exposure and Response Prevention Effective in OCD

The treatment led to significantly greater symptom relief and belief reduction compared with exposure and response prevention.

3) A Practical Approach to Suicide Prevention After Emergency Department Visit

Implementing the Safety Planning Intervention in EDs along with a follow-up telephone call may be an effective brief suicide prevention intervention.

4) Social Functioning, Treatment With Antipsychotic Agents Associated With Employment in Schizophrenia

Investigators examined factors that may improve employment in patients with schizophrenia.

5) Google Glass for Autism? Researchers see positive results

Emerging research highlights the ability of smartglasses to address social and emotional skills of the autism community.

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One thought on ““The Cognition Crisis” AND More on Best 5 Wednesday Reads

  1. I am aware of all these serious issues, and what I am doing in My Blog is: Enlightening, Educating, Uplifting, Guiding and giving Hope and Strength to everyone who comes across what I write. I hope more and more people become aware of this situations and work towards a healthy and peaceful society!


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