“How Unboxing Videos Soothe Our Consumerist Brains” AND More on Best 5 Tuesday Reads

Hello and welcome to another edition of Best 5 Reads. Lets begin!

1) How Unboxing Videos Soothe Our Consumerist Brains

On the internet, we can vicariously consume more stuff than we could ever actually buy, touch, or even see in our lifetimes. Are these videos eliminating a desire, or creating one?

2) In World’s ‘Happiest’ Countries, Signs of a Happiness Gap

In the five Nordic countries, an average of 12.3 percent of the population is “struggling” or “suffering,” according to new research.

3) Necessity Is the Mother of Invention: Emergency Psychiatry’s Era of Innovation

Patients with significant psychiatric disease are being treated in outpatient and integrated care environments. At the same time, long-term inpatient and residential treatment has become scarcer. Here’s how emergency psychiatrists are rising to the challenge.

4) Feeling Suicidal, Students Turned to Their College. They Were Told to Go Home.

Universities are facing challenges to their mental health leave policies, with some critics saying they are too quick to cast off troubled students.

5) Breakthrough sensor to help people with bipolar disorder monitor lithium levels

Patients living with bipolar disorder and depression will soon be able to use a unique wearable sensor to safely monitor their lithium drug levels.

Thank you and see you tomorrow for more articles!

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