“The A-Z of Strange and Bizarre Addictions” AND More on Best 5 Friday Reads

Hello and welcome to another edition of Best 5 Reads. Lets begin!

1) The A-Z of Strange and Bizarre Addictions

Today’s post is the first of a three-part series looking at some of the stranger addictions that have been written about in the academic literature (or by academics who have tried to argue that these behaviors can be addictive). Some of these “addictions” would not qualify as addictions by my own criteria, but others have argued they are. The papers or books that have argued the case for the cited behavior being a type of addiction can be found in the “References” section below.

2) Parental Religiosity May Lower Risk for Suicidal Ideation in Offspring

This study suggests that parental spirituality may affect offspring mental health, particularly regarding suicidal behaviors.

3) Focusing on the Future of Mobile Mental Health and Smartphone Interventions

After years of discussing the feasibility of mobile health interventions delivered via smartphones, it is now time to move forward. The article in this issue by Dror Ben-Zeev, Ph.D., and colleagues represents a milestone for mobile mental health. Similar clinical outcomes were achieved in a 12-week randomized trial that compared the smartphone intervention with an in-person self-management group intervention led by trained facilitators with lived experience of mental illness, leaving little doubt about feasibility. But what comes next?

4) Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Promising for Major Depressive Disorder

With better understanding of the underlying mechanisms of transcranial direct current stimulation, clinicians will be better equipped to identify the optimal management of their patients with major depressive disorder.

5) Do psychotropic drugs enhance, or diminish, human agency?

From medication to recreational and spiritual substances, drugs offer us respite from pain, open opportunities for mental exploration, and escape from – or into – altered psychological states. They are our most widely available formal and informal implements for tweaking our mental condition. Consider the cold beer after a hard day at work, the joint before putting the needle on the record, the midday espresso, the proverbial cigarette break, Adderall during finals week, or painkillers to alleviate undiagnosed or chronic pain. Not to mention antidepressants to counter a sense of meaninglessness, and benzodiazepines because everything causes anxiety.

Thank you for your time and see you tomorrow for weekend quotes!

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