“Cannabis Information for Parents & Students” AND More on Best 5 Tuesday Reads

Hello everyone!

Lets jump right into our Best 5 Reads for Tuesday!

1) Cannabis Information for Parents & Students

Teen Mental Health has created resources you can use to help educate yourself and youth. The adolescent years are crucial for brain growth and development and cannabis use can affect how our brains develop. This means it is critical to provide information on the potential side effects and help answer any questions. These evidence-based resources were developed by Dr. Stan Kutcher in partnership with Dr. Selene Etches (IWK Health Centre), Dr. Phil Tibbo (Nova Scotia Health Authority/Dalhousie University) and Dr. Rob Milin (University of Ottawa). Feel free to use and distribute these resources with whomever you feel will benefit.

2) Global Use of ADHD Medication Is Rising

ADHD is on the rise, and medication use for ADHD, predominantly stimulants, is as well. New global research in Lancet Psychiatry refreshes our picture of ADHD medication use.

3) Precision Psychiatry

Does precision psychiatry really live up to the hype? Why we should be cautious about the promise of this concept.

4) ‘Better to Drown’: A Greek Refugee Camp’s Epidemic of Misery

Trauma, psychosis and suicide attempts have become common occurrences at Moria, a Greek island camp, where aid groups warn of a mental health crisis.

5) Antidepressants Moving in Pipeline

When ketamine was found to exert a rapid antidepressant effect by researchers at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) more than a decade ago, it sparked hope for a new generation of treatments for depressive disorders. Now, new drug candidates are finally edging toward the finish line.

Thank you see you tomorrow for more articles.

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