“Digital Mental Health for Youth” AND More on Best 5 Monday Reads

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Best 5 Reads. Today was an interesting day for people based in the UK. It was announced that the National Health Service (NHS) will receive over 2 billion pounds over the next 5 years to improve the mental health services. Without a doubt, It was a step in the right direction to achieve the parity between physical and mental health. To know more, please read the articles below.

1) Digital Mental Health for Youth: New Evidence but Still Much Unknown

As children raised on technology, it seems only natural that adolescents turn to the internet when they experience stress or mental health-related symptoms. Turns out, this is both a good and bad thing.

2) Mental health services to get a £2bn funding boost in budget

Philip Hammond will announce a £2bn real-terms increase in mental health funding on Monday as he unveils his first budget since Theresa May told the Conservative party conference that voters needed to know austerity was over.

The commitment should lead to comprehensive mental health support being available in every large A&E department. It suggests that mental health, long seen as a neglected area within the NHS, will benefit disproportionately from the annual health funding increase of up to £6bn a year announced by the prime minister in June.

3) Mental health patients need these new A&E units – but much more too

Mental health crisis support in all A&E departments, as the chancellor, Philip Hammond, set out in the budget, is critical. The almost fivefold increase in young people showing up at A&E with psychiatric problems in the past decade makes the case for this clearly.

But why should people with mental illness be able to access care only when they feel they have nowhere to turn but A&E?

4) Sexual Violence in the News: Coping Skills for Survivors

The #metoo era has launched a national conversation around sexual assault and harassment. For women and men who have survived sexual violence, each new allegation or story in the news can stir painful memories and difficult emotions.

If you were the victim of sexual assault or harassment, these stories might catch you off guard. You may feel you’re coping well when a small detail from a news story suddenly reminds you of your own experience.

Though troubling, that reaction is normal, even years after the event. In fact, research on women has found that those who survived sexual violence experience more powerful memories of stressful life events and are more likely to dwell on those events. What’s more, sexual molestation and rape are the traumas most commonly associated with PTSD in women. Although men experience rape and sexual assault less often than women, men who experience sexual assault have a very high probability of developing PTSD.

If you’re experiencing distress from sexual violence in the news, these steps can help you cope.

5) Coping With Anxiety At University

University is a daunting time for many of us, but when do freshers’ nerves turn into anxiety? Jasmine talks about her experience of anxiety at uni and the things that helped her cope.

Thank you and see you tomorrow for more articles.

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