“Any Psychiatric Symptom Can Be Caused By a Substance” AND More on Best 5 Thursday Reads

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1) Any Psychiatric Symptom Can Be Caused By a Substance

Perhaps the most common mistake in psychiatric diagnosis is ignoring that a substance problem may be causing the presenting symptoms. Patients who should be diagnosed with a substance-induced psychiatric disorder are all too often treated as if they suffer instead from a primary psychotic, dementing, mood, or anxiety disorder. This always leads to inefficiency, and sometimes, has quite disastrous consequences.

Substance-induced psychiatric symptoms rarely get much better if the patient continues to use the substance, and may get much (even dangerously) worse if the treatment instituted for the secondary psychiatric problem interacts negatively with the substance problem or promotes its continuation.

2) Child and Adolescent Suicide and Self Harm: Treatment and Prevention

Combining clinical wisdom, skill, and knowledge may allow us to shift the trend toward increasing suicide rates and provide care that helps youths build lives they want to live.

3) Reducing Suicide Risk: The Role of Psychotherapy

This article provides a brief synopsis of the research regarding the use of psychotherapy to manage suicidal behavior, followed by several examples of strategies that such treatment employs.

4) How the NHS’s ten-year plan promises to prioritise mental health

NHS England today revealed how it plans to invest its share of the the £20 billion ’70th birthday present’ the health service was awarded last year by the government. Over the next decade investment in mental health will grow faster than support for physical health. Mental Health spending will nonetheless not grow much higher than 10 percent of the overall budget.

5) Introduction: Turning Suicide Prevention Science Into Action

Even while attitudes are opening up about mental health and suicide prevention, the rate of suicide continues to rise in the United States.

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