“Blue Monday is Churnalism” AND More on Best 5 Monday Reads

Hello everyone!

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. Lets start our busy week ahead with our Best 5 Reads.

1) “Blue Monday” is churnalism, beware any journalist who puffs it

Blue Monday started life as a corporate puff for Sky Travel (end of January, perfect time to book a holiday). Their PR company, incidentally, offered a suspiciously similar ready-made “equation” to another academic, just months before it first appeared as important research by Cardiff academic Cliff Arnall.

But now Blue Monday has slipped out of Sky’s ownership and become part of the canon of pseudoscientific media myth. Most alarmingly, last year it was used by the Samaritans, and this year it was used by the Mental Health Foundation. These people, apparently, think it’s okay to use bullshit to promote awareness of mental health issues.

2) Do You See? The Power of Pictures

Photographs capture the essence of who we are. When we ask to see pictures, patients and families are reassured that we value the wholeness of their lives.

3) Psychiatrists, Do We Understand Our Treatments?

Understanding our treatments: Dr Stephen Strakowski discusses considerations for rebranding psychiatry.

4) Obsessive compulsive symptoms in youth may be a red flag for other psychological issues

Engaging in repetitive and ritualistic behaviors is part of typical child development. However, behaviors that develop into obsessive and compulsive symptoms may represent a red flag for serious psychiatric conditions.

5) Researchers Estimate Prevalence of Eating Disorders Among Children

Findings show an overall eating disorder prevalence rate of 1.4 percent among 9- and 10-year-old children, with no noticeable sex differences as is seen in adult cases.

Thank you and see you tomorrow for more articles!

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