“Paranoia May Be Used By The Brain to Protect Us” AND More on Best 5 Friday Reads

Hello and welcome to another edition of Best 5 Reads. Lets begin!

1) Paranoia may be used by the brain to protect us

A new review suggests that paranoia might be part of a normally functioning psychology that is geared towards detecting and avoiding social threats.

2) Listening to Estrogen

Hormones have always been a third rail in female mental health. They may also be a skeleton key

3) The new hidden persuaders?

More than 60 years on from the influential text about psychological manipulation in advertising, how has the landscape changed? Are we being pushed and pulled in ever-more fundamental directions, or are our fears exaggerated?

4) 6 Diagnostic Features of Hoarding Disorder

People with HD can experience social isolation, divorce, separation or alienation from family members and friends, not to mention risk of injury or death.

5) Five New Insomnia Subtypes May Help Personalize Treatment

The newly identified insomnia subtypes are largely unrelated to sleep complaints, are differentiated by biologically based traits and life history, and are stable over time.

Thank you and see you tomorrow for more articles!

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