Weekend Quote #57

Happy weekend everyone 🙂


2 thoughts on “Weekend Quote #57

  1. Thank you kindly. It is strange, but my younger brother, who has a TBI from Vietnam (amongst other challenges) told me the same thing as in Weekend Quote 11 related to his TBI. He said that the brain makes sure it sends out the troops to every part of the body when it is needed, but when it is ll, it cannot do anything to help itself. His surgeon told him that.

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  2. There is no need to pretend one doesn’t have a mental problem. Only thing is, “Because of ‘STIGMA’ one needs to be careful to whom you say or discuss with. Best thing is to, “Get medical help and counselling to ~ know how to get about in Life and move around in the society” keeping one’s personal life, “Confidential!


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