About PsiHub

It’s a hub where we discuss latest fascinating developments in the field of Psychiatry.

Since Psychiatry transcends through a wide plethora of subjects, fields and various aspects of life, this blog will also involve discussions on Psychology, Neuroscience and current affairs which affect our mental health.

This blog is targeted for the general population, medical students and psychiatrists alike.

I hope you enjoy your time here!

About the Founder

PsiHub was founded by Vikram Kumar Rohra, a final year medical student based in Saudi Arabia in May 2018.

Vikram was born in a tiny village in Pakistan and was raised in Japan. He then moved to Malaysia where he finished high school. At the moment, he is finishing his medical school in Saudi Arabia. Because of his exposure to many diverse cultures, he has always been fascinated with people, their psyche and the societies they live in.

One medical speciality which complements his curious nature is the field of Psychiatry. As a result, he is planning to pursue his residency/specialization in that very field.