Christmas and Anxiety (Free Guide)

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well. Today, I would like to share another resource/guide with you guys which I believe is very essential during this festive season. Multiple studies have shown that the rate of suicide and/or anxiety increase significantly during Christmas period because of various invidual specific reasons. To prevent or atleast … More Christmas and Anxiety (Free Guide)

When There is No Psychiatrist – A Practice Manual

Hello! I hope you guys are doing well. I recently stumbled upon a really important and well written manual targeted to meet the needs of the general health worker in acquiring core skills on identifying mental health conditions. This broad term of general health worker includes anyone who works in a health care or community … More When There is No Psychiatrist – A Practice Manual

13 Reasons Why Toolkit

Following the Netflix release of 13 Reasons Why i 2017, many mental health, suicide prevention, and education experts from around the world expressed a common concern about the series’ graphic content and portrayal of difficult issues facing youth. Resources and tools to address these concerns were quickly and widely disseminated in an effort to help … More 13 Reasons Why Toolkit