Sexual Trauma Linked to Depression, PTSD, Chronic Pain AND more on Best 5 Thursday Reads

1) Sexual Trauma Linked to Depression, PTSD, Chronic Pain

Trauma, especially sexual trauma, is linked to an increased risk for several mental illnesses and chronic medical conditions, new research suggests.

2) Early Intervention Services Superior to Treatment as Usual for Early-Phase Psychosis

The investigators argued that given the high degree of personal distress and societal costs, the superior benefit provided by early intervention services could be cost-effective, and they call for widespread implementation and funding of early intervention services in the United States and globally.

3) MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy Effective for Treating PTSD in Veterans, First Responders

The investigators contend that this trial provides further evidence that MDMA-assisted psychotherapy is safe and effective for treating patients with chronic PTSD. As a result of 6 phase 2 trials, the FDA has designated MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD as breakthrough therapy.

4) The Converging Effects of Neurocognitive Deficits and Bipolar Emotion

The research community is currently trying to understand whether cognitive treatments that have been used in other disorders can be adapted to treat bipolar disorder. At the moment there is ongoing research to refine the ways in which cognitive treatment is delivered and its effectiveness measured in clinical trials. – Dr. Van Rheenen

5) Cell types underlying schizophrenia identified

By combining new maps of all the genes used in different cell types in the brain with detailed lists of the genes associated with schizophrenia, scientists in the current study could identify the types of cells that underlie the disorder.

The genetics point towards certain cell types being much more implicated than others. One finding was that there appears to be a few major cell types contributing to the disorder, each of which originates in distinct areas of the brain.

2 thoughts on “Sexual Trauma Linked to Depression, PTSD, Chronic Pain AND more on Best 5 Thursday Reads

  1. bipolar, PTSD, dysthymia, sexual abuse, early childhood trauma – your posts hit on so many of my issues. I’m so glad to have discovered your site thanks to your “like” of my post. It’s all very relevant to my life. Thank you for these enlightening articles/podcasts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Steven,

      Thank you for stopping by on this blog. And thank you for your encouraging comment. I hope you will enjoy future posts as well 🙂

      Best Regards,


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